Fragmint Genesis

A Limited Drop of OG NFTs

Our Genesis Collection consisting of 1089 membership NFTs that award premium platform functionality. Your keys to a new world of fragminted digital art!

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  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis

Total Of 1089 Fragmints Own a Piece of a Bolder Vision

The limited Fragmint Genesis NFT Collection aims to super-charge our early adopters with the opportunity to get the most out of the platform. Owning one of the fragmints unlocks premium benefits & features.

Mint the next NFT inline to unleash Fragmint's full potential.

What are fragmints? They are standalone NFTs part of an even larger artwork.

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Quantity & Details

Total amount of Genesis NFTs
Reserved for Airdrops
Reserved for Team & Advisers
Whitelist & Public Sale

Mint Roadmap

Different pricing for the whitelist & public sale stages

    • Mint Date

      To be announced

    • Base Mint Price

      To be announced

  • The minting of our unique Fragmint Genesis NFT Collection will be done in two stages. Access to the first minting stage will be awarded only to the whitelisted wallets, while the second will be a public sale. Both stages will begin at preset prices, TBA soon. Join our whitelist for a chance to mint early at a lower price.

  • Whitelist only

    446 NFTs. Price to be announced

  • Public Sale

    453 NFTs. Price to be announced

What do you get with a Genesis NFT?

Genesis token holders will get:

  • Access to the platform’s premium features
  • Lifetime Super Power User level (valued at 100,000 FRAGs*)
  • Immediate unlock of voting privileges
  • Access to our closed premium auctions for high-end celebrity drops
  • Special perks within the entire Evedo Ecosystem
  • Discounts for selected Plentix events
  • A one-time FRAG token bonus to Genesis holders
  • Early access to FRAG staking
  • Access to the Genesis limited community club

* Exact values are subject to change

  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis
  • Fragmint Genesis

Partners and Mint Chain

To be announced.

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What is Fragmint?

A unique way of conceptualizing, minting, and auctioning NFTs. Fragmint creates growing opportunities by introducing utility, gamification, and DAO structures within the NFT world with the help of the $FRAG token.

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